The IS® 2500Z series of mowers continues to expand the Ferris zero-turn line-up offering diesel power with features and benefits that no other mower can. Featuring 155cm (61") or 132cm (52") cutting width decks with our longer life greasable aluminum and cast-iron spindles, this machine is sure to out-live and out-perform the competition. There is not another product in its class that can match the value this machine offers, especially when paired with the benefits of Ferris' patented four-wheel suspension system.
Model Engine Deck
IS2500ZY24D61 24 GROSS HP* Yanmar 3 Cylinder Diesel 155cm (61")
IS2500ZY20D52 20 GROSS HP* Yanmar 3 Cylinder Diesel 132cm (52")

*Power rated by engine manufacturer.